How do I reproduce this type of graph in all view


I would like to have all the "turned off" variable lines in a graph turn grey when not turned off and get them to have their selected colour when turn on. See the attached images for a better explanation that makes actual sense.

The attached images are all of the same card. The "turned off" variables were turn off in the Analyser so they are saved as turned off.

The first image is the card when the page is in dashboard mode. This is what I want on all iterations of the card view

Second is in Standard Page view

Third is when the card is selected and displayed by itself (it is the same if I selected from Dashboard view or Standard Page view)

Fourth is in the Analyser

I would like to get the same view as the first image everywhere as it provides much better insight and flexibility.


  • DavidChurchman

    Yeah, that would be dope. You should suggest this to the idea exchange.

    I think the greyed out lines in the background would be helpful context. A less elegant way to get that context would be with the shaded upper/lower bounds using the XY line graph. You could plot the minimum and maximum values as the upper and lower bounds to have that context in the background. To guarantee those don't get filtered out, it would be best to calculate the lower and upper bound at the ETL level, not in a BeastMode.

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  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    I explained myself incorrectly, the first image is how the card looks like already in DOMO. I would like to get the other views to match it.