Calculation error: Duplicate calculation name


Hello, sometime ago I noticed that when I am trying to update the existing beast mode calculation on validation step it shows me error message "Calculation error: Duplicate calculation name".

The calculation itself is working and when I create a new calculated field with same formula but with different name I can validate and save it without any errors.

I even can save the updated beast mode but the yellow triangle will be showing up under on the corner of calculated field.

And weird thing that even I do not change anything in formula but just open it and push a "validate" button same error comes up.

I have set of beast mode calculations with same name but they are based on different data sets and before I did not have any issues related to name of column.

Also the error comes up on nested calculations with variables included I have created long time ago.

Any thoughts please what is happening? I have big set of beast modes which I need to update. I am pretty concerned about this issue. It looks like a bug for me and hope it could be fixed in new release.

Appreciated for any advice


  • ArborRose

    It sounds like you defined formulas on the ETL that are replicated in beast mode on the card of the dashboard. The beast mode on the dashboard would see the calculation already exists in the dataset with the duplicate on the card not being part of the ETL / dataset.

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  • ValentinaSav

    @ArborRose thank you for response! As I can see through the Beast mode manager there is four calculated fields with same name and formula but all of them based on different datasets and no one exists on the card level. And calculated fields are not new but I did not have such issues before.

  • ST_-Superman-_


    I think what @ArborRose suggested is probably the issue here. It would seem that your dataset already has a field with the same name as one of your beast modes. For example, if you created a beast mode that was called Profit and then later decided to add that field during the ETL, you would expect to see this error when you return to the card.

    Could you share the dataset schema and the list of beastmodes for the dataset in question?

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