Beast Mode


How do I use the name of an already calculated field or beast mode in another calculation. I learnt this nested ability was done last year. We are able to use the PDP new update but can't seem to get the nested beast mode to work.




Why can't I write another beast mode

F= A/B ?

rather I have to write it as F= (b+c) / (d+e)


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
    edited January 16

    This hasn't been released to General Availability yet. I'm hoping it'll be released soon, maybe with the Domopalooza release.

    You may be able to reach out to your CSM to see if it's an available beta for you to have enabled in your instance.

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  • ColemenWilson

    @carthur What PDP new update are you referring to? Column level permissions or custom attributes? Or something else?

    We have Nested Beastmodes enabled in our instance and it generally works pretty well. We had to reach out to our CSM to get it enabled, as @GrantSmith suggested.

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  • carthur

    @ColemenWilson I was referring to Custom Attribute that we are using and i thought they all came together.
    I didn't think they had to be turned separately.