How do I logout of a domo instance?


I have created a new organization in domo everywhere so I could share dashboards with a client. Normally there will be a profile picture at the top of the page where I can select log out, but this does not appear within this new instance. How do I logout so I can login as someone else?


  • GrantSmith

    Are you doing a platform embed? There should be a profile icon in the upper right for you to log out of.

    I know you can access the logout link directly: https://{customer}

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  • joshnoyes

    thanks for the response grant. we are not using the embed but a child instance or organization created in Domo Everywhere that we give our clients access too. in our parent instance there is the bar across the top that has the profile pick or silhouette that you can click on and signout but nothing else. I would think there would be some type of option to do this or a setting to turn it on but I have not found it yet,

  • MattTheGuru
    MattTheGuru Contributor

    Yes, the when you create sub-instances there is no user icon for login in or out.

    Most clients will either use an existing software portal to host the sub-instances or will create their own to manage user creation as well as authenticating logins.

    Here is a video example of what I am talking about:

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