Combine Dynamic by OrgID and Simple Filters in Domo Publish


Pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but I thought I'd put this use-case out there in case someone has a workaround.

We have a dashboard with multiple line charts that is designed to show comparisons between data in a specific Publish subscriber instance and some state data for comparison. One or more lines show the subscriber instance data and another shows the state data.

The master dataset contains a column of OrgIDs for the different Publish subscriber instances and data for the state (which in this case just has 'State' in the OrgID column. The state data needs to be in the same dataset in order to plot it on the same cards as the subscriber instance-specific data.

When setting the data permissions for the dataset we run into a problem. We want to filter dynamically by OrgID (so each instance only sees their own internal (subscriber instance) data, but we also want to allow the State data through to each instance so the comparison can be made.

We can add both a Dynamic PDP filter and a simple filter, but it appears that the Dynamic PDP filter is always applied first (it doesn't matter which order the filters are added), so the state data is filtered out and never made available in the subscriber instance.

Ideally you would be able to create an 'OR' join i.e. "this OrgID OR the value 'State'", or even just allow the creation of more than one permission on the dataset so these filters can be added independently.

Other than splitting the 'State' data into it's own dataset and duplicating the entire dashboard to show only the State data, I'm not sure how to work around this limitation.

If anyone has thoughts on a workaround, I'd love to hear it…



  • ToddVachon

    Figured this out. When setting up data permissions, it is possible to add a second policy for the same dataset. In this case, I have one policy that filters dynamically by Org ID, and another that just filters to the state data I needed.