Airtable API Key Deprecation

PMLeema Domo Product Manager

Domo's Airtable connector ( ) currently requires an API key to authenticate to Airtable. Airtable is deprecating support for API Keys on Feb 1st 2024, which means that Domo's connector will not be able to connect using API Keys after that date.

A new connector to Airtable using OAuth to authenticate is now available at This connector has the same reports as the Airtable connector that uses the API Key, but it supports OAuth authentication, which is recommended by Airtable.

Customers who have powered up datasets using the API Key version of the connector, and need to continue pulling their Airtable data after Feb 1st 2024 are strongly encouraged to try the OAuth version of the connector before Feb 1st. As the API Key version and the OAuth version of the API are two different connectors, customers who wish to migrate their datasets to the OAuth version should contact Domo Support.