Data label %'s and quick filters


We have a bar card set up with the Y axis as donation id distinct count and the series as deferral code of the donation id. For the sake of example, lets say there are 3 deferral code options: 'ABC',' DEF' and 'No Deferral'

Then, our data label setting is % of category. So if there are 1 ABC, 3 DEF, and 6 No Deferral, that would be 1%, 3%, and 6%, respectively.

One of my users wants to be able to filter to a specific deferral code and see its comparison to everything that is not that deferral code. So "ABC" vs "DEF and No Deferral". Or "DEF" vs "ABC and No Deferral", etc.

The only thing I've been able to think of so far is setting up 2 beastmodes with variables: One that is the distinct count of donation ids with deferrals in [variable] and one that is the distinct count of donation ids with deferrals not in [variable]. The downside to this is that we have hundreds of deferral codes that would need to be manually entered into the variables and they are sometimes no ones added, modified, or deleted.

The other thing I was thinking is that maybe somehow FIX by with FILTER none could be a use case and perhaps I should explore this avenue?

Or am I missing something obvious because it is Friday EOD and over thinking this..


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