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edited December 2023 in Cloud Amplifier

It would be nice if the history tab wasn't just blank, I would like to see the last cache date and time and maybe even the last update of the table or view from Snowflake. Maybe even the last time Domo checked (may all be the same)

This would keep us from having to go check Snowflake to figure out if something didn't get pushed from a source, or if the view in CA matches Snowflake.

right now it is either a million questions because they think it isn't updating or a task to investigate because of switching through systems.


  • @Harganz01 If the dataset has been run in Domo, then the History tab should not be blank. I'd suggest reaching out to support with a link to your dataset to look into it further.

  • This is only in Cloud Amplifier (Native Connection) They are all blank and i think this is due to it being a native connection VS a DOMO Dataset via a standard connector.

  • That makes sense, I didn't recognize the "CA" abbreviation