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I am trying to use tooltips for the first time so that I can add it to the data label on my bar chart. I know when you use a pivot table you have options to do % of subtotal for certain columns. Is there a way to do that in the tool tip field?


  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    You'll need to first create a beastmode calculating the percentage and use that as the tooltip field. Make sure you configure the format on the tooltip column as a percentage.

  • jessdoe I am having a hard time creating this beastmode.

    The beastmode I am using is SUM(Loads) OVER (PARTITION BY CARRIER_NAME) / SUM(Loads)

    What could I be doing Wrong?

  • @ColinHaze You can also try using the %_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY macro in the Hover Text. There is also a an option for percent of total.

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    Is carrier_name your X axis and loads your Y? If so your data is already partitioned by carrier_name. What are you trying to subtotal? Maybe paste a screenshot of your bar graph if you can.

  • Here is the graph. I am trying to get 32.71% (which is in the piviot table) to show in the first tier when I hover over Kinard. Concentration is just the % of subtotal in the pivot table.

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor


    sum(sum(cpm_beastmode)) over(partition by carrier_name, month(`fiscal months`)) /

    sum(sum(cpm_beastmode)) over(partition by carrier_name, year(`fiscal months`))

  • That didnt seem to work. Looking at Kinard for 7-1-2023 that beastmode gave me 17%

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    What's your cpm formula?

  • SUM(Carrier Pay) / SUM(Total billed miles)

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    Hmm I don't know, you can try adding the distinct command as in sum(sum (distinct cpm formula)) but I you may have to aggregate that in the ETL first. Or use Michelle's hover text option if that rolls up correctly.

  • Thank you for trying! Ill keep playing around with it!

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    Yeah let me know if you do figure it out please Colin

  • @ColinHaze

    Could you walk me through the math for Kinard Trucking for July that you are looking for?

    Do you want to see:

    (sum of Kinard for July) / (sum of Kinard for entire time period)

    (6.64) / (38.13) = ~17%


    (sum of Kinard for July) / (sum of all carriers in July)

    (6.64) / (41.35) = ~16%

    Neither of these seem to get to 37%

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    The value I want the chart to display is the CPM(which it is doing correctly) The problem comes in with the hover text.

    Here is my logic using a simple example.

    For the month of 7/1/2023

    Kinard has 34 loads

    The other companies like kkw, power logistics, etc… have different # of loads. Lets just say all the loads summed together = 100 so Kinard has 34/100 = 34% concentration. Ideally I want to do this for each month and allow the user to hover over the bar chart and get the % concentration for the month. Does that make sense?