Request for Assistance with Custom Add-on Development for Excel-DOMO Integration


Dear DOMO Developer Forum Team,

I am Daniel, and I am currently leading a project at my company to develop a custom add-on for Excel, aimed at enhancing our analysts' interaction with DOMO. While we appreciate the existing DOMO Excel add-in, our specific needs require additional features, particularly in the area of data validation and secure integration of our Excel datasets with specific DOMO datasets. Our goal is to control the data upload process and avoid indiscriminate data submission by analysts.

To achieve this, we are developing a custom add-on that will be installed via our internal Microsoft 365 account. This add-on is designed to communicate with an internal API, which in turn utilizes the DOMO Python SDK for operations with our DOMO instance. We have made significant progress in this development, but we have encountered a critical challenge: ensuring that users are logged into DOMO in a way that allows us to capture their login information. This is vital for tracking who updates or uploads data to the DOMO dataset.

Our request to the DOMO developer community, and particularly to the team behind the DOMO Excel JS Add-on, is to seek guidance or share code snippets pertaining to the authentication process within the add-on. Specifically, we are interested in understanding how the add-on manages user authentication and session management. This insight would be incredibly valuable to us in overcoming our current obstacle and successfully implementing our custom solution.

We believe that with your expertise and support, we can enhance our data analysis capabilities while maintaining the integrity and security of our data processes. Any assistance or pointers you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Daniel Vieira


  • GrantStowell
    GrantStowell Domo Employee

    Hello Daniel! Thanks for your feedback and insights. We would love to help you resolve this issue. The best way to directly reach the product development team is through the ideas exchange right here on the community forum. There, you can post ideas and improvements you have for Domo and get other users to vote for them. If your issue needs immediate attention, then I'd recommend contacting your CSM for assistance.