Count and Filter not working | DDX Donut Brick


Hi experts!

I am using a mapbox donut cluster brick in domo on one of my dashboards. Now the dataset have lat, lng and user_ids. My assumption was that the donut will group the user_ids according to the lat/lng and further when I will zoom in it will make it divide into narrow down locations with their own count. But getting two isses.

  1. The count of user is not correctly reflecting, in some cases it is giving small number when I try to sum all the numbers showing on donut and in some cases the larger number.
  2. I added that card on my dashboard in DOMO, and I do have some of the filters at the top of the dashboard. Now those filters are correctly reflecting all the cards but its not updating the mapbox donut brick according to the company_id by which all cards are filtering.


  • GrantSmith

    Where are you getting your data from? An actual dataset you're passing to mapbox or are you using a mapbox dataset that is stored in mapbox that you pull in?

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  • muhammadtalha

    Its an actual dataset that I am passing to mapbox brick