Moving Dataset,cards,dashboards between different domo site


Hi Team,

We are planning to move the domo cards,datasets,dashboards created site1 to site2,site3 etc.

Can any one suggest best way to migrate all content from one domo environment to other.

Ex: j&J.domo to DCA.domo,

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  • Andrew_Chaffin
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    Hi @Giridhar - Argo Analytics (a Domo partner) built a replicator tool for this scenario. You can see a demo of it here -

    Their contact info is listed in the description of that video if you'd like to learn more

  • Giridhar

    Thank you Andrew,

    Seems to be a paid tool which has cost associated to it. Do we have any other way like using CLI for exporting and importing datasets,cards and dashboards in to domo from one site to other sites ?

    Something we can using existing setup instead of buying another tool for migration.

  • I would suggest considering Andrew's suggestion. It may be possible with the CLI tool, but will be very tedious and a lot of potential for errors if instance names are in the various JSON strings.

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