Domo Webpage


My org chart in Domo is fed by a webpage. I updated my web page and my org chart is not loading anything. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. Any help is appreciated


  • Hello @Gunjan can you please copy and paste the contents of the javascript code (right hand side of your screenshot)

  • GrantSmith

    Typically when I'm debugging DDX bricks or custom apps within Domo I'll inspect the console and network traffic to see if there's an error being thrown behind the scenes to help diagnose where your error might be occurring. You can get to this by right-clicking on your webpage and selecting "Inspect"

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  • Gunjan


    I downloaded the org chart from the app store and copy pasted the data and it worked. I had to modify the report and made it work for now.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.