Card switching based on a filter/control


Is there a way for me to switch between two different cards in a dashboard? If I choose category 'A', I want a certain card to be visible and if I choose a category 'B' I want a different card to be visible. (I am essentially looking for Domo equivalent of sheet swapping with a parameter in Tableau)


  • GrantSmith

    This isn’t possible le currently unless you go down the custom app route. I’d add an idea to the idea exchange to see if Domo will add this ability

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  • ColemenWilson

    Closest you could get to this would be using variables to swap the axis on a bar chart for example. We've used this method to reduce 3-4 cards on a page down to one card with the axis' being swapped out.

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  • rahulrampa

    @ColemenWilson that's exactly what I'm doing in a couple of other places, but these specific cards have multiple x-axis in one of the cards and a single x-axis in the other card i.e. one card is at the granularity of Date X cateogory and other is just at Date granularity