Salesforce Marketing Cloud Rest Connector/ExactTarget Connector


We are trying to extract email data at the subscriber level with sends, opens, clicks and timestamps by campaign from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). We used to be able to extract the data through ExactTarget Connector but the connector no longer works even with Admin right. We were able to connect through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Rest Connector but we are unable to find the data we are looking for. Could anyone point me to the right direction?

  1. Is ExactTarget Connector no longer supported or should I try again? (I was able to login but there is an error after I run the job. Error Message: Domo is ready, but received a 'Server Error' from the data provider. If the issue persists contact the data provider for support. Error: API Permission Failed.)
  2. Within the SFMC connector, which report contains the detailed email data?




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    With the SFMC REST Connector, below is a list of report visible to us: