"Domo is ready, but WorkdayRaas reported an error" Error appears every Saturday


Hi there,

This error has appeared almost every Saturday (with the exception of September 9th) since this connector was set up for a specific report.

I'm wondering what the issue would be since it seems to resolve itself the following day (Sunday) and works all week until the next Saturday.

There have been no changes made, yet the error will appear right on schedule, and it will also resolve itself right on schedule.


  • GrantSmith

    Does Workday have a scheduled maintenance time when you have your job scheduled to run? Have you tried scheduling your job for a different time?

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  • Dorina_R
    Dorina_R Member
    edited October 2023

    Hi Grant,

    The only scheduled maintenance every week is in a sandbox environment, the production environment is not usually down Friday overnight every week - and DOMO is connected to the production environment. Although, it could very well be somehow related to that.

    I have changed the schedule so that it only runs Mondays-Fridays since it doesn't really need to run on the weekend.

    Thank you so much!