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Glad to be on the forums and already getting value.

I'm originally from Idaho Falls, ID but now live in Birmingham Alabama.

My career has been interesting, starting at Oracle in tech support and then going to a contract data engineer job, to now having spent the past 3 years remote for 3 different companies (layoffs and a better opportunity), it has been a ride.

I enjoy spending my days in SQL development, and hope Domo will allow us to make ETL's directly in SQL soon. I have tried to learn Python a few times but it's very hard to gain traction when it's not used in my day job.

Walker generates leads for law firms and sells them, it's been an interesting industry to learn.

I've got several hobbies:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Dirtbiking
  • Road biking
  • Bitcoin (not crypto)
  • Podcasting
  • Working out with F3Nation
  • Investing
  • Nutrition


  • ColemenWilson

    Welcome to the Community @ColeStuart ! Is your hobby listening to podcasts or making your own?

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  • ColeStuart

    @ColemenWilson - Both. I have a podcast on general finance/investing and Bitcoin, and listen to a fair amount of podcasts myself (mostly economics/finance/etc)