GA4 Sessions & Total Users Ingesting Incorrectly

I am trying to ingest Sessions (Sessions and Engaged Sessions) and Total Users into Domo via the GA 4 Connector.

We can get New Users and Events to ingest into Domo correctly.

I have tried to bring the data in alone (no dimensions) and with additional information (2-9 dimensions). I have also tried each metric separately, again with both no dimensions and multiple dimensions. In addition to those I have tried to bring it in with additional metrics to see the affects (IE Total Users and New Users together). I have also tried both of the above approaches with only 1 day of data to 30 days worth of data.

At all variations of ingestion I have never gotten a correct number. The number ingested by Domo ranges from 6 - 16 times higher than the number displayed in GA. The multiplier is also not consistent (one day will be 10.5 times higher and the next will be 15.8 times higher), so I can't just divide every value by a multiplier.

Has anyone found a solution or work around to get these metrics into Domo accurately?

Thanks in advance.