Search Filter in a Dashboard allowing to Search for Titles



is there a filter card (or other options) where I could place it at the top of a page and would allow me to search for certain Terms? Basically like a cnrl + F functionality (Windows version) but as a visible option?

For example, I might have a table that has columns of customer demographics and I specifically look for the value = doctor, I would want to enter it in the search bar, so it gets highlighted or filtered down to it.



  • GrantSmith

    Domo has released a Domo Brick "Searchable Filter App (Multiple Columns)" which may be helpful for your user case. I'd recommend searching for it in your app store.

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  • user084060

    @GrantSmith I was playing around with the searchable filter you suggest - but it doesn't pick up any values from the dataset I am connecting it to; but I might have configured it wrongly (not really familiar with javascript, html or css) What I am looking for is basically this, as a card: