Making variable values the same as another column


I have a table full of hundreds of advertiser names. I would like to select an advertiser name in a dropdown control, and in the pivot table below, censor all the advertiser names to 'xx' and only show the advertiser name that's selected. I have created a beast mode that does this but I have 2 issues:

  1. How can I make the variable values that of all the advertiser names without adding them all manually?
  2. When all the advertisers are named 'xx' how can I make the pivot table not combine them into one row and sum their totals?

Is using a variable the best approach here? Thank you.



  • Variables don't currently support adding values automatically. A pviot table will take all of the same values and combine them together. What you'd likely need to do is utilize a unique identifier for each advertiser but mask out the actual advertiser name. You could utilize something like a row number or the MD5 function in a function tile to hash the names to be unique identifiers.

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