What are all the reserved words in creating a new dataset?


We are using the Stream API to create datasets. This is all dynamic so we have no idea what the data is going to be or what the columns in the source data are called.

What we found is that if the source data has a column named 'row_number' the call to create a new stream dataset will fail but with no message or explanation.

Now that we know about 'row_number' we would like to know what other reserved words cannot be used as column names. Where can I find that information?

Thank you


  • GrantSmith

    I don't believe an official list exists however I'd recommend looking at the Beast Mode Function Reference page and avoiding using any of the functions.

    Alternatively, you could just prepend or append a character like an underscore to avoid name collisions dynamically.

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  • Checking that page is good advice, thank you.

    However, row_number is not a function, so I need to keep looking.

    Also, I also cannot change the name of the columns. This is for a product we built which allows anyone to safely load sensitive data into Domo (i.e., they don't want people' personal information - PII, in Domo). So, this workflow can be run by someone in any Domo customer. I really need to keep the column names the same as whatever our customers select to load.

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond.