Switch Dataset Dynamically

Can we switch dataset (not database) dynamically while running report in Domo ? 

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  • @vibhusharma2210 How specifically are you running the report? Are you creating a card, running a dataflow, or something else?

  • You could append two datasets together and switch back and forth with a filter or a variable - but I agree with @MichelleH, more information is needed.

  • Hi @MichelleH , just a report or dashboard run (not card) , you can think it like templated report where we can switch input Dataset with exact same UI for multiple versions of dataset

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    You can't do this within Vanilla Domo itself however Domo Embed does allow for you to switch datasets with Dataset Switching. You can read more on it here:


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  • vibhusharma2210
    edited September 2023

    HI @GrantSmith , ok

  • Could you just copy the card and then switch the dataset? What's the dynamic need?

  • vibhusharma2210
    edited September 2023

    Hi @trafalger , as per my understanding card in Domo means chart however the problem statement I mentioned is with respect to report or dashboard which can have multiple charts or cards

    The dynamic need is with respect to selection of datasets while running report or dashboard because there are multiple datasets created purposely for different time intervals example 6 months, more than 6 months to 1 year etc. All datasets have same physical structure and instead of creating multiple copies of same report for each dataset, I need to create one single report with mechanism to point to different dataset while running that report

  • This functionality is useful for web analytics where you might have several report suites broken out with different filtering but the same KPIs.

    For functionality reference, its available in other platforms - Data Studio has a Data Control that lets the dashboard user select the dataset that powers the visualizations.

    I don't have too frequent a need for it, but it has come up amongst our Analysts.

    Maybe this goes in the Ideas Exchange?

  • Ya I think just append them and then use either a filter or a variable. @vibhusharma2210 @tracy_gamlin