WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU: Where do you go for information for and help with Domo?

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Hello Domo Community!

We'd like to hear answers to the below from as many users as possible:

Where do you go for help, news, updates, or solutions about Domo?

Are there any other Domo resources or external locations that you frequent for information?

Even with our bias towards the Community Forums, we know there are other helpful locations to learn Domo. Please let us know in the comments below. Thank you.


  • Hi Anna, I always start with the knowledge base. :) 9 times out of 10 it answers my question, if I can't find the answer I search the forums to see what the experts have to say.


  • marcel_luthi
    marcel_luthi Coach
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    It depends on what I'm looking for, if it's generic information I'd go to the KB articles first, but when it comes to specific scenarios, I'll lurk the forums for similar questions or YouTube if I recall seeing a video somewhere on the topic by one of the many amazing contributors here in the forum (their channels are an amazing resource for those who have yet to check them out).

  • For me I start with KB articles. If I am still stuck I go to the Domo Community forums. And lastly I go to my CSM and/or AE.

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  • If it is a general Domo how-to, I find myself referencing Domo University, the Knowledge Base, or Domo's YouTube channel. For creative or unique use-cases I find the Domo community and working with other Domo experts are a great resource to talk through a solution. And Domopalooza of course for all of the above! 😀

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    1st is the KB, 2nd is the community forum or slack, 3rd would be the YouTube videos, and 4th would be reaching out to support.

  • I start with a google search for articles, topics with keywords. This brings up Domo knowledge base or articles or community questions. Several of which have humorously taken me to my own past posts.

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