Heatmap Hover Character Limit

OliverLange Domo Employee
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Have a customer that is working with heatmaps and noticed that when he increased the characters in the hover the information disappeared. They wanted to know if there is a character limit that is inplace for the hover picture and if there is a path forward they should take to include more information.




  • pauljames
    pauljames Member
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    Hi Oliver, I've had similar issues before but with calendars. You might need to create a magic ETL or beast mode to ensure the characters you want in the hover text are the right ones. You could try making categories with a beast mode. i.e. CASE WHEN 'insert column' LIKE '%insert characters%' THEN 'insert new category name' ELSE 'insert other category name' END. Not sure if what you're looking for but will help with limiting characters in hover text to fit.