Subtotals in PivotTables

I am currently working on bringing some pivot tables to my customer however they find these subtotals duplicates not really esthetics and confusing. Is there a way to get rid of them? I tried "Hite Subtotals" option but with no effect.


  • @m_malecka I've run into that issue as well and have not found a way around it. I'd suggest contacting Domo Support about the "Hide Subtotals" option not working and posting to the Ideas Exchange to about enhancements to the subtotal functionality.

  • The thing there is that you have 2 rows, Level and Spend, and I'd guess each level is tied to only a single Spend based from your screenshot, if that is not always the case then you want to keep it the way it is, as the numbers will not always be "duplicated". As a workaround, you could display only one or a single one that is the concatenation of both values, not the prettiest solution but something that you can apply right away. I agree with @MichelleH and having a feature that would allow us to indicate the number of levels at which we want subtotals calculated would be awesome.

  • Thank you both! Yeah - displaying a single category is what I thought as well but my customer wants to see both.. I´ll contact with Domo support and hopefully they can provide a solution into this.