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I have a file where I want to have each row show me the charges based on either the charge code or charge name.  In this example, I used the name.

I have looked at the data online, and in the ELT.  The problem with I’m seeing in the ELT is I would have list the name of every code we have in the number 3 position (shown in Yellow below).  That would be almost impossible to do, as the charges or code could change each time I run it.  Having more or less each time.

Is there a code or statement you an place in number 3 that will name the column the same as the code  ( what I have in number 1) ?

There is an excel data table as well. I can send it to whoever ends up helping with this

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  • GrantSmith
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    You can't do a dynamic pivot with Magic ETL however you can leverage prepared statements and SQL in a MySQL dataflow to do dynamic pivoting. You can follow the SQL with something like

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  • trafalger

    Agreed, I've done dynamic column renaming using a Stored Proc in a MySQL dataflow - you can query the system tables to get the schema.