How can I add to a dataset previously created using the DOMO Python SDK?


I am using the Python SDK to upload csv data to domo. I have been using the methods and have been successful in getting my data to my domo domain. Although, everytime I upload a csv, it will create a new dataset. How can I make it so that my data is added to a previously created dataset?



  • MarkSnodgrass

    Are you using ds_update? That allows you to update an existing dataset.

    • Data sets - This set of functions is designed to transfer data in and out of Domo.
      • ds_get - downloads data from Domo
      • ds_create - creates a new data set
      • ds_update - updates an existing data set, only data sets created by the API can be updated
      • ds_meta - downloads meta data regarding a single data set
      • ds_list - downloads a list of data sets in your Domo instance
      • ds_delete - deletes a data set (be careful)
      • ds_query - allows you to send a query to a data set, Domo will evaluate that query and sends the results back as a list or a tibble

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  • GrantSmith


    If you pass in the existing dataset ID it will update that dataset, otherwise if it's not included or None is passed in it'll create a new dataset.

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  • ademahad

    I am using the data_import_from_file method and would like to use this to update my previously created dataset. Will the ds_update method work for this?

  • ademahad

    *-update-* I am now updating my dataset and instead want to append new data to it. Can i still do that with the data_import_from_file method?