Facebook Ads Landing Page Views accessed in Domo

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Does anyone know which Facebook Ads connector allows us to pull in Facebook Landing Page views? This helps us tie out FB advertising traffic to GA4 data, but I cannot see which FB advertising connector allows access to this metric.

If not available, is the next step interfacing with the Facebook API? Love to have your insights on this Facebook. dimension / metric


  • b_rad
    b_rad Contributor

    This is the facebook connector you need to use.


    The connector gives you option to pull in different Reports but I think the "Complete Page Insights" report should give you page views, impressions, organic, paid, etc.

  • RobertGonsalves

    Thank you - But we need a Facebook Ads connector to track Facebook Ads Landing Page Views.

    Not Facebook pages - But thank you for the help.

  • GrantSmith

    This isn't a part of the current Facebook Ads connector. It should be part of the Ads Action stats GraphQL endpoint ( https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/reference/ads-action-stats/ As Domo owns this connector you'll need to reach out to them to get the connector updated.

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