Cannot log in to Clarizen using the Clarizen connector

(1)Access the following URL.
(2)Select [DATA] > [CONNECTORS].
(3)Type "Clarizen" in the connector search field.
(4)Select "Clarizen" icon.
(5)Input USERNAME & PASSWORD and Click "CONNECT" button.

[Occurrence event]
The following text appears and login fails
"Failed to authenticate. Verify the credentials and try again. Domo is ready, but the credentials you entered are invalid. Verify your account credentials and try again."

[Expected behavior]
Must be able to log in to Clarizen

Is the inquiry to DOMO in the first place? Or Clarizen?


  • It's attempting to connect to Clarizen. Have you confirmed your Clarizen username and password are correct and you can log in with them?

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  • QQQ999
    QQQ999 Member

    Thanks for the answer.
    I have of course confirmed that I can log in to Clarizen.

  • Do you need to enable API/Connector access in Clarizen?

  • QQQ999
    QQQ999 Member

    Is there a setting in Crarizen that allows or disallows API connector connections?
    I did not know that.

  • QQQ999
    QQQ999 Member

    I'll check with the admin.