Hello All new member aboard :)


Hey All, my name is Jeff Michalek. I've recently just started using Domo as I've moved into a new job as a Dev Ops Analyst. I'm excited to start my journey down this Domo path and see what things I can do with it. I come from a Tableau background so I of course compare everything to that. :) With that said I really do enjoy the Magic ETL so far. I'm looking forward to exploring and learning as much Domo as I can !!!!


  • ColemenWilson

    Welcome Jeff! You'll find plenty of support here from a very active community. We are here to help!

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  • AnnaYardley
    AnnaYardley Domo Employee

    Hi Jeff! I'm excited to see you learn more about the Forums from our amazing Community Coaches. Feel free to ask questions here as you're beginning your Domo journey. Happy to have you in the Community!