App Studio Alpha Opportunity

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Hello Domo Community,

We're thrilled to share an exciting opportunity with you. As we approach the end of this month, we're gearing up to introduce our new App Studio in a Domo Alpha instance. We're inviting a select group of community members to get a firsthand experience of the new features and offer valuable feedback to our product team.

What is App Studio Alpha?

App Studio Alpha will be accessible in Alpha mode within a private instance. This exclusive access will allow you to explore and test the exciting new features firsthand. We’ll host a kickoff meeting during the week of August 28th where you'll receive access to the Alpha instance, which will contain only public and mock data, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy.

How Can You Participate?

We're extending an invitation to you, to actively participate in the App Studio Alpha program. Your insights and feedback are invaluable in helping us refine and enhance the App Studio experience. To express your interest and secure your spot, simply sign up using this link:

What to Expect?

During the Alpha period, which spans approximately three to four weeks, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the App Studio experience. This is your chance to explore its functionalities, interact with its features, and provide us with product feedback. Your insights are important to enhancing and refining the App Studio's capabilities.



  • b_rad
    b_rad Contributor

    Signed up. Thanks for the opportunity. Cant wait to play with the App Studio.

  • ckwright
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    edited August 14

    @b_rad Thank you for signing up. This Alpha phase will introduce numerous exciting new features that we're excited to get your feedback on.

  • Glad to see this opportunity, signed up and excited to check this out!

  • Looks great!