How can I get a file from a sharepoint group to be picked up by Domo regularly?


The Microsoft SharePoint Online Connector only seems to pick up lists of files or things like that and the Domo preferred "Microsoft SharePoint Online Rest connector" doesn't seem to have good documentation of what needs to be done on the azure side to set it up. I'm not a coder but have been able to set up most connectors but this one seems to be a pain so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Right now - I'm just emailing it in each day which is not ideal. When I try to use the instructions - I get the following error - AADSTS50194: Application '87d93786-5475-4efe-bf97-13c4ecd32d5f'(Domo+Sharepoint) is not configured as a multi-tenant application. Usage of the /common endpoint is not supported for such applications created after '10/15/2018'. Use a tenant-specific endpoint or configure the application to be multi-tenant.

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    Do these files exist in OneDrive? If so you can use the OneDrive for business connector which is quite easy to setup and maintain:

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