Regression Line - Hover/Label Text



I wonder how %_slope is being calculated by Domo within the Hover or Label Text fields in the Regression Line Chart Properties.

When I tried to calculate the numbers within the last 3 months, the result is consistent with Domo's calculation of slope (%_slope).

However, I couldn't figure out why Domo's calculation of slope is inconsistent to mine when the numbers calculated is 4 months and up. Is there something more to the equation that I might have failed to consider?

Here's the regression line properties applied:

I ticked the 'Include Last Data Point' because I am using a filter to exclude the 'on-going' month anyway. Therefore, this should not be an issue esp that this property is applied to both cases above but their results are different.


  • DataMaven

    That is very strange. It looks like it's maybe including the difference in the number somehow. I tried a few different calculations to see if I could do some hinky math to ascertain what is happening, and no dice!

    I recommend opening a support ticket.

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  • rmbourne

    Hi @DataMaven, Thank you for looking into this. I've done the same thing and I didn't come up with anything that would result to a slope of -1.3. I better file a support ticket for this now. Thank you.