Is Anyone Else Experiencing Issues with Color Ranges on Custom Charts?


For those using custom charts in Domo, have any of you experienced a recent issue with their colors from their ranges disappearing from previously working custom chart cards?

We've uploaded and built out custom charts that show different colors using ranges on different segments, but we've stopped being able to see these colors since last Friday.

We currently have a ticket out with Domo on this, but just wanted to see if anyone else has recently noticed an issue like this as well.

Thank you!


  • MarkSnodgrass

    I have a custom chart, but I use the standard themes. I just created a new card and chose my custom chart and selected custom color ranges and it worked without issue. Did you try creating a new card from scratch to see if that is successful?

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  • long3cl_freddy

    Hey Mark, thank you for your reply. Yes, I've tried rebuilding the card from scratch using the same custom chart type but unfortunately we're still seeing the issue. We've also tried uploading the svg file again as a new custom chart type and rebuilding the card on that and the issue is still persisting.