How to show Actual Grand Total rather than "Grand Total"


I have a card built that only has two columns, and both columns have numerical values that I need to see a total of. However, when I activate the Grand Total option for the card, instead of showing an actual total it has the "Grand Total" text since it is the first column on the card, and I cannot add any other columns for this project. Is there any way to show only the totals instead of having the text "Grand Total?"


  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    @Mickey This can be achieved by using the HTML Table chart type.

  • @Mickey You can hide the "Grand Total" label by adding "<br>" in the Label under "Total Row"

  • Due to how Domo processes grand totals it puts the GRAND TOTAL in the first column that's available even though you're wanting to display the total amounts. To get around the issue you'd need to have another column at the far left to hold the GRAND TOTAL text and allow your LY Retail Sales column to display it's actual total.

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