Salsforce Connector with primary key does not work

Hi all,

I connected some reports from my Salesforce Org directly into DOMO.

When I

  • use Opportunity ID (which is quite unique) as primary key, I even got wrong data in my report
  • use no primary key, the data only pulls the first 2000 records

There is also the fact that our DOMO instance is set up in US and our Salesforce org is set up in EU.

Any idea what I could try to receive all and the correct data?



  • Hi Juliane, which Salesforce connector are you using? And which data selection method?

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  • I am using the Salesforce Advanced Connector and for the Data Selection Method, I use a Tabular Report, which is referring to a report in Salesforce.

    Does this give you a hint what could be the problem?


  • The 2000 row limit is a feature of the connector when no primary key is used. Have you tried an alternative primary key that would also be unique to each opportunity such as account ID? What do you mean when you say the data you are seeing returned is wrong?

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  • Account ID would not work as it could be that we have multiple Opportunities listed under one account. So, Opportunity-ID would be ideal as this is the data element we are looking for.

    When I activate the Opportunity-ID as primary key, I receive wrong data. E.g., I do have a report showing all Opportunities only for the Area UK. But when I have this report linked via the Connector with Opportunity ID as primary key, I also retrieve Data from GSA - and the Opportunies do not have the same ID within Salesforce. That's very weird, that I can see data within Domo that does not exist in the report…

    Any more ideas/tips?

  • This may mean that there are permissions in salesforce preventing you from seeing GSA data in SF but not in Domo. Not sure, but just a guess. If I were you the next thing I would try is using the regular Salesforce Connector (instead of the advanced one) and select "reports" for HOW DO YOU WANT TO SELECT YOUR SALESFORCE DATA?. This is the connector I use when bringing SF reports in to Domo. Let me know if that gives you the right results in terms of correct data, not necessarily the number of rows included. You can always filter out GSA data in a dataflow or card.

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  • Thanks.
    So, I tried "Salesforce Connector" and "Salesforce Upsert Connector".
    When I check "Opportunity ID" to be used as primary key, I receive again wrong data and when I uncheck it, I receive only 2000 rows….

    Any other ideas how I could get all our data into DOMO and to be replaced when something changed?

    Thank you very much in advance.