Global date range filter in dashboard, have it compare to exactly a year ago in guage card type.

I have a dashboard that displays metrics from social media platforms, and I would like to apply global filters so the client can filter specific dates, but then also show what those values were exactly a year ago.

Example: Say the client wants to see total impressions for April 12-17, 2023. I would like the card to filter to show the value, but then also have the comparison (percent increase/decrease) draw from April 12-17, 2022.

Right now I am using a variable called "Timeframe" to allow the user to select the timeframe they would like to see, and I have custom beast modes for every card in the dashboard. In our specific use case, the client is requesting to be able to select the dates they want, and see the comparison for a year ago, so this isn't going to work. It would be great if the global filter on the dashboard had a way to automatically compare the current year date range to the prior year date range. Any ideas or workarounds I may be able to use here?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Hey @jakebutterfield

    I recommend restructuring your data model so you can have multiple periods for each date (in your case this year and last year). I've done a write up on this in the past which might be helpful for you.

    This way they can select whatever date range they want and see the selected. value and the value from last year.

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  • jakebutterfield
    edited June 2023

    @GrantSmith Okay I've seen this answer from you before when I was just starting DOMO but now that I know more I gave it a try, and this is amazing! I work a lot with date comparisons and there is a lot you can do with this, Thanks Grant. Super easy to follow along with your steps and now I am able to use Period Type beast modes to get what I am looking for.