Python error - dict keys must be non-empty strings

ValueError: domomagic: Array dict keys must be non-empty strings

I have tried the code on both the VS code and jupyter notebook its working on them.

What might be the problems coz its giving me the above error.


  • GrantSmith

    @james_kibugu - Domo is expecting the dictionary keys to be non-empty due to how it processes the data however normal python is ok with having non-empty strings. I'd recommend adding a check in your code to look for empty strings and then set it to a specific value or ignore those records in your dataset.

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  • james_kibugu

    I don't have a missing data? So i have tried to address it but its not working still

  • Pritesh

    Hey @james_kibugu - Not sure if you could resolve this, but if you're trying to pivot your data on column names which are numbers, then you might get this error.