Google Drive Service Connector- Shared Drive- Partial File Name

Hi everyone,

My client has setup a Google Drive Service Connector in the instance. We are trying to pull the files from the Shared Drive option. However, we would like to use partial file name and get the latest file. We are unable to do so as the connector is giving an error "File Not Found". Does Shared Drive option doesn't allow to fetch the file using Partial name? When we enter the full file name, we are able to retrieve the data. Thanks for the help.



  • Hi @Tsharma8724, the files name needs to be specified fully for the connector to correctly retrieve the data (also double checked with the knowledge base article).

    So no wildcard search capabilities enabled yet on the version to fetch the data, unfortunately.

  • @amehdad , In the below screenshot of the connector, it can be seen that partial file name written which will fetch the latest updated file. I did try to upload the recent file from my personal account using partial name and it worked correctly. However, it was not from shared drive.

  • Thanks for clarifying, interested to know if you've received any comments from Domo Support, specifically Connector team around the fetching files from Shared Drives through partial names?

  • @amehdad , I have raised the support ticket. Awaiting for their response. Thank you for your time.