access page embed applied filters in brick to pre-select filters



We have an invisible brick inside a page embed. It's only job so far is to notify the host through a postMessage when a filter has been applied ( using domo.onFiltersUpdate() ). The host then listens for this postMessage and stores the chosen filters in session storage. This is all working well.

When the modal is opened that contains the page embed, I grab the filter saved in session storage and pass it along as programmatic filters when getting the page from domo. This works.

The problem is that the filters in the filter bar are not being pre-populated with the applied filters. I know I can use domo.filterContainer() to apply filters to the page and this will select the filters passed. How can I access the filters that are being applied to the page embed inside of the brick that is there? Or is there a better way to pre-select the applied filters?


  • troddick

    To provide a little more context, I have attached an image of what we have. A popup modal contains a page embed, and then an invisible brick with the above code. The user filters the page embed. I store those filters. They close the modal. When they reopen the modal, I send the stored filters and make the api call to domo to get the page embed with the provided programmatic filters. The page embed opens with the correct filters applied, but I don't know how I can access what those filters are within the brick to ensure the filter bar has those filters checked by default.

  • GrantStowell
    GrantStowell Domo Employee

    Hey trodick,

    Sorry you haven't had any replies. It looks like this question might be outside the knowledge of the community. If you're still having problems with this, I'd recommend contacting your Customer Success Manager and sending in a support ticket.



  • dp4ge
    dp4ge Member

    Troddick, did you ever figure this out? I have the same requirement and would save me a lot of time if you shared your solution. Thanks!