Moving a card in the heirarchy into a subpage

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Hi… I'm exhasted and stumped.

I have ADMIN rights to Domo but would like to move various Dashboards lower down in the heirarchy. IE: Move Dashboard 3 inside Dashboard 2

The documentation ( ) suggests:
Admin / Content / Pages (Dashboards) and select the checkboxes.

This page does not have any checkboxes. And the documentation would seem to be out of date.

Any help in solving this appreciated.



  • @JohnnyN Can you please send a screenshot of what you're seeing? My view has checkboxes as expected.

  • @MichelleH Thanks for having a look. Have made anonymous but think you'll get the gist.

    What do you see?

  • @JohnnyN My dashboards page looks like what you see in this KB Article. Are you an admin in your instance?

  • marcel_luthi
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    Do you have the default Admin Role or a custom one? Go to the Users Section and make sure your role is Admin:

    If it is and the check boxes are not showing I'd open a ticket with Domo support. If you have a role other than the default admin one, make sure that role has the Manage all Cards, Pages and Data apps permission granted, this is needed in order to rearrange pages:

  • JohnnyN
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    @marcel_luthi Yes… I believe I have everything set. Rather I believe Admin should be given all privileges.

    Admin Role


  • marcel_luthi
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    That's weird, perhaps a new layout being rolled out, as I still get the check boxes there but there are many differences between your view and mine (we both have the same role). A silly question, but just in case as sometimes pages might render differently if you're working on a mobile device and some options might not be available unless you open it on a computer browser (a blind guess there).

    Also make sure your address bar is taking you to https://[yourcompany] as if it's a new layout, hopefully it is using a new URL that defaults only to some. If all this fails open a ticket with support to help figure this out.

  • @marcel_luthi Yup I'm on Desktop Chrome Version 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) (arm64) which I presume should be good.
    My page URL is correct also. And I have refreshed page cache just in case.
    I'll create a ticket. THANKS 😀

  • PrathmeshKodilkar
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    @JohnnyN Is this the hierarchy you are looking for (end result)? (Dashboard 1 is main page » Dashboard 2 - subpage of Dashboard 1 » Dashboard 3 - subpage of dashboard 2)

    I am aware of the steps of moving the pages, just want to clarify before I tell you something. Thanks in advance!

  • After creating a ticket It would appear that moving pages through the heirarchy is a "Bulk Move" option and an opt-in piece of functionality.

    After having this functionality turned on I see the checkboxes and the option for moving pages within the [ EDIT ] button.

    The documentation possibly could be flagged to indicate as such.

    Thanks for getting involved but would seem that I was never going to get this done