New Office 365 Powerpoint Plugin


The layout function in the (now legacy) Domo PPT add in was super useful - especially for automating lots of reports.

A lot of our stakeholders prefer decks over dashboards and the ability to layout the data how you wanted within a branded template and then refresh it was pretty helpful for QBRs and so on.

Using the new plugin (this time on Mac) - that functionality appears to have been removed and you have to import cards one by one, or, if you import a whole dashboard, it puts each tile on a separate slide which just isn't useful at all in my case.

Once you have the cards, I haven't figured out how to just refresh them. This old functionality was handy to select new filters for different versions of the deck.

Am I missing something? Is this just a limitation of the Mac version? Or are there planned enhancements? I'm always excited for better integrations but this one sets us back quite a bit if they discontinue the "legacy" plugin and don't bring over some of those features.


  • GrantSmith

    I'd recommend adding this to the idea exchange for the product team to review and possibly re-add back into the product. It will also give visibility to other users and allow them to add their voice to this issue.

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  • tracy_gamlin

    ah you can apply filters only at the card level for it to "remember for all cards imported" - still would prefer to have a global page / filter selection. with it set at a card level for all, i have to create multiple versions of the same doc with different filters applied, a major time suck.

    there's some kind of global document filter available, but haven't been able to get that to work.

    also may be able to do layout, but would have to revise old docs.

    some documentation would be useful here, i've searched KB and Community but only found install guides.

    just realized i'm basically talking to myself here…. 😁

    happy Friday anyone who stumbles across this!