How to remove Page Filter from dashboard?

Dybi Member

Hi All,

I hope you are doing fine.
Unfortunately I can't remove a page filter on my dashboard. I can only remove it temporarily.

Whenever I leave my dashboard and open it again, filter is again there.

I am looking for a way to remove it permanently.

  1. My Page Filter
  2. Option I have already tried. Will remove it only temporarily :-(

Any help and advice is appreciated :-)


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  • MichelleH
    MichelleH Coach
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    @Dybi It looks like there is a default filter view applied to this dashboard, which is why removing the filter is only temporary. The owner of the dashboard likely has that preset for everyone. Here is some more detail on how filter views work:

  • michiko
    michiko Contributor

    After you removed the values on the dashboard filters, did you click on the SAVE FILTERS ??

    If it is still acting weird, delete the Filter and reconstruct it and save it.

  • Dybi
    Dybi Member

    Hi Both,

    thank you so much for your fast and and amazing help.

    I really appreciate it :-)