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Hi all

I have a table of 1,000+ people. Each person = one row. One of the columns shows the companies they have worked for in the past (e.g. 'BT, Shell, Facebook'.)

You know what's coming….

I would like to be able to give my dashboard a filter that shows each company once and brings back any person/row that CONTAINS that company.

For reasons I won't bore you with, I'm very reluctant indeed to create one row per person per subject.

At the moment, if I stick a filter on that column, I get a jumbled mess of employers and commas:


BT, shell

Shell, BP, Exon

Imperial Brands, GSK, Shell

GSK, Unilever

I want the filter to just read as per below AND for the filter (or whatever workaround we come up with) to operate as a CONTAINS filter not an exact filter:





Imperial Brands



Any and all help much appreciated. Thanks



  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
    edited May 2023

    Currently this isn't an option with how Domo works. You'd need to either use a contains filter and have the user type in the filter value instead of a selection filter or have one record per person and subject.

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  • Charlie Bantoft

    Thanks Grant. Appreciate the quick response:

    1. You first option only works if the user knows what value option to use and they won't always know
    2. The second option ends up returning the same person several times if (for example) they speak French, German and Russian and the values entered were 'French', 'German' and 'Russian'.

    Do you know a way around the second issue? Essentially being able to say: we'll you've already return that unique reference so you don't need it again.

    Thank you again.

  • michiko
    michiko Contributor

    Check out the DDX Form and Dataset and tweak lil if you have the time. Below is the sample data set.

    If the user knows what to look for, say "Shell", then type in shell ( case insensitive ) in the search box. If the user do not know what to search for, try incorporating the dropdown selector as a lookup ref ( to integrate the dropdown with the table requires abit of nerd coding )