Filtering on multiple datasets / changing default dataset



I have a dashboard with multiple cards. Each of these cards pull from different datasets, however they share many common fields. This is helpful when using global filters.

When adding a filter, I select the relevant field, and then select all datasets so all the cards will be affected by this filter.

However, then when using this filter, you still need to select a specific dataset. Your filter options will not show all the values from all the datasets, only the one you have selected.

This is an issue because certain values will not appear in the results unless you select a dataset that contains the value.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to display all the values from all datasets with the relevant field name?
  2. If not, is there a way to change the default dataset that is being filtered on? In this example, "NYI prospecting" is the default dataset, so only the Advertisers found in that dataset will appear in the filter by default. My solution in this case would be to create another new dataset that contains every value for this field from all datasets, and make this dataset the default so no values are missing when filtering, and no switching of datasets is required.



  • DashboardDude

    Hi @jrtomici ,

    Would you be open to making just one dataset that combines all the datasets you need?

    John Le

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  • jrtomici

    Not really, since the different data sets are created in a dataflow with various different joins and aggregations.

  • jrtomici

    I suppose I could join the 4 datasets together each with an associated constant and then filter each card by the correct constant.

  • jrtomici

    Any other ideas?