PDP Automation and Ignoring Case Sensitivity?


Hi All -

I have been working on automating PDP for my company but have run into a bit of a snag. By default PDP is case sensitive and if I were manually creating policies using the Domo UI, it's easy enough to just tick the "Ignore case" checkbox.

However, when generating policies in an automated fasion, it seems like the ":ignore_case" flag you can append to the 'value' column in your PDP dataset only works if used on trusted attribues like you see below in Domo's own documentation

For my needs, I need to apply this same :ignore_case condition on values/strings that arent trusted attributes. In our instance we have a ton of datasets and some datasets have varying different case structures for the same value, this causes PDP to not filter all permutations of the same value correctly. Instead of asking developers/clients and the like to fix this in their ETLs across every dataset, I thought I'd try to just ignore case. Below is an example of one of my PDP rules:

Above you can see that I want PDP to filter where COUNTRY_NAME is Korea, Germany or Australia. But because some datasets contain "Korea", "korea" etc those values get missed in the PDP evaluation because it wants the exact case of "KOREA" for a match.

Is there some undocumented flag I can add somewhere so that PDP ignores case on static/non-attribute values?

If not, can I suggest allowing :ignore_case as an append to the end of the 'value' to ignore case on all values as a feature request?




  • GrantSmith

    This would be a great suggestion for the Ideas Exchange as this currently isn't possible.

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  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    Thanks Grant! That seems like an oversight that can be easily implemented. I'll submit feedback to my CSM and the idea exchange.