How to filter cards by a name dimension

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A user recently ran into trouble while creating a dashboard. According to them, the dashboard had about 10 cards in it. One card was powered from one dataset, another card was powered from another dataset, and then 8 cards were powered from a third dataset.

Their question: Is there a way to filter all cards by a name dimension?

They tried creating a slicer but that only worked on the dataset it was tied too. The names were spelt exactly the same across the three datasets.

Possible solutions:

  • Conform column names (make sure the name column is the same in each dataset) then union all the datasets into one dataset.profit
  • If the column names are the same it should still filter all of them regardless of dataset but they need to be EXACTLY the same, not like “name” vs. “Name”
  • Ensure that the 'Hide date on card details' box is unchecked and then the cards should start filtering.

Huge shoutout to @trafalger and anyone else who contributed to finding a solution to this problem!

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