How to "Improve" the Histogram Chart


I have always struggled with the histogram barchart in Domo. I love the idea of the histogram, but I always end up with very odd bucket ranges. You also don't get an option of adding a series to that chart. Here is an example of a histogram I am talking about:

My "improvement" is to use the scatter plot chart type.

For my x-axis, I create a calculated field. In my case, I wanted to bucket my data in batches of 10,000 for a field called StepPosition. So I used this code:

CONCAT(ROUND(SPUH step loss StepPosition/10000, 0),'0-',
ROUND(SPUH step loss StepPosition/10000, 0)+1,'0k')

For my y-Axis, I place the field StepPosition and aggregate to Count.

I can also add a series, in this case a description of the position based on the value. The output looks like this:

This "Histogram" has much more clearly defined bins and is easier to read. By using the Scatter Plot, you can also have more than 20 "bins".

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