Beast mode for dates


I have a dataset that looks like this:

Date. Customers

Jan 01. 20

Jan 02 22

Jan 03 26

Jan 04. 29

What I would like to do as a beast mode filter is to only include the first day of each month. So I want a filter that just filers Jan01, Feb01, March01, etc. Is this possible? I would assume it would be some data beast mode function. Any help would be appreciated!



  • MichelleH

    @mroker Yes, you can do this with a beast mode. To clarify, if you select the Jan01 filter do you want it to only include data for January 1 (i.e. 20 based on your example) or rows for all of January?

  • MarkSnodgrass
    edited April 2023

    If you only wanted to show dates that are the first of the month you could create a beast mode like this:

    CASE WHEN DAYOFMONTH(datefield) = 1 THEN datefield END

    You could also create an include/exclude filter logic and then drag this beast mode into your filters and filter to include:

    CASE WHEN DAYOFMONTH(datefield) = 1 THEN 'Include' ELSE 'Exclude' END

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  • ST_-Superman-_

    @mroker - in this case, because you have 4 dates in January…

    Would you only want to see the customers associated with Jan 01, which would be 20? If so, then @MarkSnodgrass has a great solution for you.

    Or do you want to see the sum of all the days (20, 22, 26, 29) or 97? or the average 24.25?

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