DOMO Variables - Color Coding for Diff Dimensions

Hi everyone! I wanted to create a color coding for a chart that uses a DOMO variable. It is a stacked bar chart with fix x and y values, but the series/categorization changes. For example, it could be a plot of number of people in the world (y) for a given age range (x), and the series/dimension is geographic region (North America, Asia, etc.), gender (M/F) from a DOMO variable. Essentially, I'd like to set a color coding for the entries in geographic region (if North America = green, Asia = red) , gender (M = red, F = green). However, I encountered issues as I am using DOMO variable. In particular, I can only set a color coding for the beastmode that uses the DOMO variable for its default field. Do you have any tips how can I set a color coding for all the dimensions in a given DOMO variable? Thanks!


  • @Patrick_Cruz You will need to select every possible variable value using the control within Analyzer, then add the color rule for that specific value. In that case, be sure to set the control back to the default value before saving the card. Admittedly this process is not ideal, but requesting a quicker solution would be a good candidate for the Ideas Exchange.

  • @MichelleH is correct. When defining the color rules, only the options that are "visible" to the card will show up. That means that you need to define the color for the default options, then use the variable controls in the analyzer to select a different option, go back to the color rules and create the color for the second option… repeat until you have covered your desired options.

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  • Hi Michelle! Thank you very much for your suggestion. I did try this actually— I changed the field in the control/DOMO variable in the card and it reflects as a change in dimension in my line chart. However, when I am trying to set the color settings, the option to use the entries in that new dimension is not showing up.

    Let's put it this way. I have a DOMO variable X, with the option to switch between dimension A and B for a line chart. Dimension A is my default. I had no problem setting the color for every value in dimension A. However, even if I change my DOMO variable control X to take the field dimension B, I still cannot see from the dropdown in color rules the values of dimension B when I select DOMO variable X as the Column in Color rules. Is there a workaround for this?

  • @Patrick_Cruz What field are you basing your color rules on? Is it the dataset field for dimension B or the beast mode that displays values of both dimensions based on your input for variable X?

  • @MichelleH I tried both, but none worked. I used the beastmode that contains the variable X and fields A and B, as well as the dataset field for dimension B itself.

  • @Patrick_Cruz Interesting, I would expect it to work if you tried to set color rules based on the beast mode. Would you be able to share some screenshots of your beast mode and your Analyzer setup?

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    My beastmode is Series_Dimension (which is based on Variable called Choose dimension). It's like this:

    WHEN Choose dimension = A THEN A

    WHEN Choose dimension = B THEN B


    All the color rules I have so far belong to Dimension A


  • Hi @MichelleH ! I might have just misunderstood your suggestion, but I was able to find a workaround in this. I actually have to set every dimension as a default value before being able to use it for color coding. So the general process is

    (1) set the dimension you want to color as the default dimension of the variable

    (2) create color rules for the beastmode containing the variable, as setting the dimension of interest as default should give the relevant values for that dimension when picking colors.

    Repeat (1) and (2) for as many times as the number of dimensions you have.